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    Cleaning of offices and commercial facilities

    • We clean offices.
    • We clean banks.
    • We clean stores, food markets and hypermarkets.
    • We clean shopping malls and other commercial buildings.
    • We clean institutions and public buildings.
    • We clean notary’s offices and law firms.
    • We clean educational establishments (preschools and schools).
    • We clean hotels and recreational buildings.
    • We clean manufacturing plants.
    • We clean restaurants, bakeries, confectioneries.
    • We clean car shows.
    • We clean fitness gyms.
    • We clean sports centers.
    • We clean halls and storages.
    • We clean logistic centers.
    • We clean bus and train stations.
    • We clean airports.
    • Cyclic cleaning.
    • One-time cleaning.
    • Express cleaning carried out the same day it was ordered.

    Private house and housing cooperative cleaning services

    • We clean flats, houses and apartments.
    • We clean apartment blocks.
    • We clean tenement houses.
    • We clean residential areas.
    • We clean external areas adjacent to residential buildings.
    • Cyclic cleaning.
    • One-time cleaning.
    • Express cleaning carried out the same day it was ordered.

    Cleaning of health care centers

    • We clean doctor’s offices.
    • We clean dentist’s offices.
    • We clean health clinics.
    • We clean pharmacies.
    • We clean clinics.
    • We clean hospitals including treatment and operating rooms with equipment.
    • Surface disinfection.
    • Cyclic cleaning.
    • One-time cleaning.
    • Express cleaning carried out the same day it was ordered.

    Cleaning and cleansing of production lines

    • Washing and cleansing of machines.
    • Washing and cleansing of engines.
    • Washing and cleansing of radiators.
    • Washing and cleansing of turbines.
    • Washing and cleansing of production and technological lines.
    • Washing and cleansing of steel structures.
    • Washing and cleansing of heating systems.
    • Washing and cleansing of ventilations.
    • Washing and cleansing of gantries.
    • Washing and cleansing of elevators and loading ramps.
    • Washing and cleansing of lifts.
    • Washing and cleansing of silos.
    • Washing and cleansing of tanks.
    • Cyclic service.
    • One-time service.
    • Express service carried out the same day it was ordered.

    Impregnation, renovation and conservation of surfaces

    • Polymerization and polishing of floors.
    • Crystallization of stone floors.
    • Acrylic coating, oiling and impregnation of floors.
    • Renovation, cleaning and polishing of floors.
    • Steam cleaning.
    • Washing and cleaning of roof.
    • Washing, cleaning and impregnation of elevations and facades.
    • Sett washing.
    • Washing and cleaning of fences.
    • Washing and cleaning of underground and ground level parking lots.
    • Washing and cleaning of multistory parking lots.
    • Anti-graffiti protection.

    Works at height

    • We wash windows, glazings and skylights by traditional or alpine methods or using a boom lift.
    • We wash facades, remove dirt, clean before painting.
    • We wash sound-absorbing screens.
    • We assemble and dismantle advertisements.
    • We assemble and dismantle holiday lights.
    • We remove graffiti.
    • We install „STOP BIRDS” system.
    • We perform boom lift services up to the height of 45 m.

    Intervention work

    • Post-renovation cleaning.
    • Post-building cleaning.
    • Cleaning after mass events.
    • Room and building cleaning after water and fire damages.
    • Manual and mechanical snow clearance.

    Rug, carpet, and upholstery washing

    • Rug and carpet cleaning by extraction method.
    • Dry foam cleaning of rugs and carpets..
    • Rug and carpet cleaning using absorbers.
    • Bonnet cleaning.
    • Encapsulating cleaning.
    • Shampoo cleaning.
    • Disinfection.
    • Impregnation.

    About the company

    TECHSTEAM is a company having experience and a well-established position in the market of cleaning services.

    A team of ambitious and experienced people works here, who care about the quality and timing of the performed services. Every project is treated individually and we carry it out in a way that is tailored to the needs of our clients. In our work we use professional cleaning supplies and renowned manufacturers equipment. We perform our services on the local market and nationwide. Ever-increasing group of satisfied clients is the best motivation for us to continuously broaden our qualifications and the level and quality of the offered services.


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